Image Comics to Publish a New Beowulf Graphic Novel

By Maryann Yin 

Beowulf Comic (GalleyCat)Image Comics announced plans to publish a new English translation of Beowulf as a graphic novel. The release date has been scheduled for December 2016.

Santiago García will write the story. David Rubín will create the artwork. Click here to download a free digital copy of this epic poem.

Here’s more from the press release: “Beowulf tells of the tale of a Scandinavian hero in lands that would become what is now Denmark and Sweden. A monster, Grendel, has arrived in the kingdom of the Danes, devouring its men and women for 12 years until Beowulf arrives to save them. García and Rubín faithfully follow the original story for a new version that is neither revisionist nor postmodern, capturing the tone and important details of the poem, translating its potent, epic resonance and melancholy into a contemporary comic that isn’t standard swords and sorcery or heroic fantasy fare—but rather an ancient story with a modern perspective that remains respectful of the source material. “