How To Self-Publish Your Audiobook Through Audible

By Jason Boog Comment

Self-published authors can create their own audiobooks with the help of a growing community at Audiobook Creation Exchange.

AppNewser has more details about the service:

Writers using’s Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX), an online audiobook rights marketplace and production platform, created ten times as many audiobooks in 2012 as they did in 2011, the year the platform launched. The tool helps writers, publishers and literary agents to create and publish audio versions of their books. Authors can record their own readings using the platform, or they can work with actors and voice over professionals, who also have profiles in the market place. It is used by a variety of types of writers. Self-published authors and authors who have publishers but manage the audio rights themselves use the site. In addition, agents and publishers can use the tool to produce work.

If you want to join the program, you can find all the information at the ACX author page.

The process begins when you confirm your book through Audible. After that, you can share your book with the community of audiobook creators at ACX. Here’s more from the page:

Create a Title Profile on ACX. Describe your book and the type of narrator best suited for it. You’ll also post a short (one or two page) excerpt from your book. This will serve as the Audition Script so you can hear potential narrators. (Or, if you want to narrate it yourself,go here instead. The Title Profile is basically an ad for your book on ACX, to get Producers—which includes narrators—excited about producing your book as an audiobook.