Google+ Profile Mistakes Writers Should Avoid

By Jason Boog Comment

While building our Writers on Google+ directory, this GalleyCat editor decided it was time to point out some common problems we’ve seen in many Google+ profiles.

Below, we’ve listed five common Google+ profile mistakes. If you avoid these problems, you will build a stronger following and help readers find you online. Even if you don’t use the service very often, you should make sure you have a strong and clear Google+ profile.

What other Google+ profile mistakes have you seen?

1. Personal tagline too long: Google gives you a short tagline spot under your name to fill with a concise description of yourself. If your tagline is too long, it will trail off in ellipses, confusing the first time reader. Keep it short and sweet so the whole tagline fit

2. No link to your personal site in your profile: Google offers you the great opportunity to include hyperlinks in your “About” section. Add a few quick links connecting to your personal site and other places people can find you online.

3. No picture in your profile: People are looking for your profile, not a box with a shadow in the middle. Show us what you look like.

4. No location data in your profile: Google+ has all sorts of useful features tied to your location. In addition, a simple city and state listing helps people identify with you as well.

5. Profile not visible in Google search: At the bottom of your “About” page, check the “Profile discovery” section. Make sure it reads: “Profile visible in search.” This is the only way people will find you and your work online–a valuable way to make sure your name and work get recognized by the massive search engine.