First Four Pages of the Here’s Negan Comic to Be Published

By Maryann Yin 

Walking Dead 200 (GalleyCat)The back story of Negan, a villain from The Walking Dead comics, will soon be unveiled to the world. The first four pages of Here’s Negan will be published in the Image Comics previews catalog, Image+.

Here’s more from The Hollywood Reporter: “Here’s Negan will be told in 48 pages — with four a month included in Image+…The first page of the Negan story is quite powerful while revealing nothing about the character. It’s Negan creating his trademark weapon of choice: Lucille.”

According to io9, Robert Kirkman worked on writing the story and Charlie Adlard created the artwork. The release date has been set for April 27. Jeffrey Dean Morgan plays the role of the evil antagonist on AMC’s adaptation series. This character was only recently introduced to fans of the TV show. (via Yahoo!)