eReader Comparison Gift Guide

By Jason Boog 

Will you be buying an eReader or tablet computer this holiday season? According to a number of experts, it will be a hot gift this year. If you are looking to buy, our eBookNewser blog has created the handy Holiday Gift Guide To eReaders.

We took an informal survey on Facebook, discovering that many of our readers are divided about buying (or not buying) an eReader this holiday season. Some of the comments follow below…

Follow this link to read the complete guide, but here are a few excerpts:  “-Kindle 3G + Wi-Fi $189, 3G and Wi-Fi enabled, black-and-white eInk eReader with a 6-inch screen tied to the Amazon bookstore.
iPad $499 and up or $629 and up with 3G, Wi-Fi enabled tablet with a 9.7 inch screen. Supports almost every eReader app and eBookstore app under the sun with the ability to read multiple formats.
Nook Color $249, Wi-Fi enabled color screen eReader, tied to the Barnes & Noble bookstore, but supports multiple formats including apps coming soon.”

Missy O’Malley: Yes, I am getting a Kindle from my mother.

Mary Jacobs: I am buying a Nook since they will be on sale at BB.
Elizabeth Browne: Absolutely not to both. I won’t buy one, and my friends know better than to buy one for me.

Linda Prather: Yes, I do believe there’s one in my Christmas stocking. I may also buy one to give away as a promotional tool.

Heather Connor: Nope-I love and will always prefer my books on paper. Mags, etc would be fine, but not a book.
Sarah Jackson: Nope- I’m trying to save my eyesight just a bit.
Melinda Ainsworth: I love books, and I have so many of them. I am mostly against the idea of the Kindle because it isn’t the same experience that I love of feeling and smelling the paper and turning the pages. I do live in a tiny apartment though, and it would certainly save space. It would be a nice gift.