E-book Piracy Is Minimal in the U.K.

By Dianna Dilworth 

Most readers in the U.K. have never illegally downloaded an e-book, according to a new report from The Intellectual Property Office in the U.K.

The research looked at the behaviors of online copyright infringement in the U.K. and found that only one percent of Internet users in the U.K. over the age of 12 had read any pirated e-books. (They were more likely to have downloaded music or movies). Good eReader has more:

Why is ebook piracy virtually nonexistent in the United Kingdom? The government has taken an extremely hard-line against rogue websites. In June it was mandated that seven pirate websites were to be blocked by the largest internet service providers. There is even a new law currently being examined that would extend the amount of time e-book pirates would spend in jail. Currently the maximum sentence is two years and the government wants to dramatically increase it to ten.