Convert Your PDFs into Clean Kindle or ePub Files

By Dianna Dilworth 

If you are like most publishing professionals and writers, you have a desktop full of PDFs–novel manuscripts, reports and books. Over at eBookNewser, we’ve created a simple tutorial on adding these files to your eReader: how to convert PDFs to use on Kindle or ePub devices.

We have struggled for years to find the best way to read PDFs on a variety of eReaders, from the Kindle to the Kobo to the iPad. However, the PDF reading experience is always frustrating. Often, the PDF won’t fit in the frame, stray bits of code materialize and it is difficult to annotate the text.

Not anymore. Follow this link to convert your PDF collection into Kindle or ePub files. Our tutorial also includes a simple introduction to coding so you can scrub out frustrating headers, page numbers or other stray bits of code that make your converted PDF hard to read.