British Librarians Are Suing Government Over Library Closings

By Dianna Dilworth 

The Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (Cilip) has launched a new campaign to push the UK government to think twice before shutting down libraries and to take better care of those that remain.

The My Library By Right effort aims to champion “the public’s right to libraries” by leaning on a 1964 British law, the Public Libraries and Museums Act, to provide quality public library services to citizens across the country.

“Public libraries are not a luxury. Their provision is not discretionary – Local Councils have a statutory duty,” stated Nick Poole, Chief Executive at CILIP. “For millions of people every year library services are a lifeline. That is why the statutory right to a quality public library service was established under the 1964 Public Libraries and Museums Act.” (Via The Guardian).

The push includes a petition calling on the government to fulfill their obligations; National Libraries Day on the 6th of February; and a parliamentary lobby organised by Speak up for Libraries (SUFL).