Alicia Silverstone Lands Deal for Two Books

By Jason Boog Comment

Author and actress Alicia Silverstone has sold her next two books to Rodale. The Kind Mama will be first, followed by The Kind Diet Cookbook.

Both book expand upon Silverstone’s The Kind Diet, a 2009 Rodale book focused on “spectacular benefits of adopting a plant-based diet.” William Morris Endeavor Worldwide literary department co-head Jennifer Rudolph Walsh negotiated the deal with publisher Stephen Perrine. Silverstone announced the deal to her more than 162,000 Twitter followers today.

Silverstone had this comment: “With my next book, I want to give women what I wish I’d had when I was getting ready for baby: an easy-to-follow resource that’s as inspiring as it is informative. I want women to know that they hold the power to not only have an amazing pregnancy, free of fear, anxiety, and discomfort, but also to feel beautiful while doing it. My book will empower women to become happy, healthy mommies-to-be who give birth to, and raise, even happier, healthier babies.”