A Romance Blooms in the New ‘Me Before You’ Trailer

By Maryann Yin 

Warner Bros. Pictures has unveiled a second trailer has been released for Me Before You. The story for this film adaptation comes from Jojo Moyes’ popular 2012 romance novel.

The video embedded above offers glimpses of Emilia Clarke playing Louisa Clark and Sam Claflin playing William Traynor. USA Today reports that the movie “features a genre-covering swath of British stars, including Doctor Who’s Jenna Coleman (as Louisa’s sister), Harry Potter’s Matthew Lewis (as Louisa’s longtime boyfriend) and Game of Thrones star Charles Dance (as Traynor’s father).”

According to Elle, the movie, helmed by Thea Sharrock, will hit theaters on June 3. Claflin will be posting one picture per day on his Instagram (for a 50-day period) in anticipation of this release; we’ve embedded three behind-the-scenes photos from the movie set below. Click here to watch the first trailer and an extended trailer.