Twitter Suffers Widespread Hour-Long Outage on Mobile Apps, Web

By Christine Zosche 

Twitter users worldwide were unable to access the social-networking site for about an hour Thursday, with an outage that affected both mobile and web platforms. (Variety)

Twitter users trying to log on to the social network saw a message saying “Something is technically wrong.” The company confirmed the service was down and found the culprit to be “an internal configuration change,” according to the Twitter status page. (CNET)

The outage began before 3 p.m. ET; some users were able to access Twitter again by 3:45 p.m. (THR / AP)

The site’s outage coincided with the start of the White House’s Presidential Social Media Summit. Twitter, along with Facebook, wasn’t invited to the summit, while a number of right-wing extremists were. (CNN Business)