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The Adweek Network

The Adweek Network is made up of six industry-leading, continuously-updated websites covering the inner workings of the media industry aimed at media and advertising professionals. The blogs cover the key verticals from social media to TV news; from advertising to PR; book and web publishing, newspapers, magazines, radio and digital.

AgencySpy – Breaking news and dish from the top agencies

TVNewser – Insider perspective on network TV news

TVSpy – A daily fix of all things local TV news

Morning Media Newsfeed – The daily information source spanning topics including social media, advertising and PR, TV and video, publishing, design and ad tech



The Adweek Network has the same layout as with a top and lower 728×90 and a top and lower 300×250.  Each of the blogs can be individually targeted, or for a broader reach, a Run of Network is available.


Adweek Network supports each of the blogs with its own Newsletter, along with the Morning Media Newsfeed.

The Newsletters have a similar layout to the blogs and use the same banner sizes (300×250 and 728×90) which enable a combination program.

Sponsored Content

Adweek Network also offers Sponsored Content opportunities with custom content from the advertiser allowing you to reach your customer with a tailored message to generate leads.

.EDU Special Program

Many Colleges and Universities find the Adweek Network works well for lead generation. We have a unique .EDU program that supports these efforts.

Please contact with your .EDU email address for more information on this program.