Zulu Alpha Kilo Mangles History to Promote Interac e-Transfer

By Erik Oster 

Zula Alpha Kilo created a new campaign for Interac, promoting their e-Transfer service with a comical website containing historical parodies of various time periods.

The website has three videos featuring Dr. Trapasso, “Doctor of Money Transferology, a man who has dedicated his life to studying money.” Trapasso takes the viewer on a tour of three historical time periods where his mangled historical accounts demonstrate the “perils of archaic money exchange” in attempts at humor that mostly fall flat. One of these, featured above, features Leonardo da Vinci’s failed attempts at getting reimbursed for a pizza he fronted for Michelangelo. The other two videos are in much the same goofy vein, with accounts of the first Olympic games and the westward expansion of Canada.

“People resist change,” exaplains Shari Walczak, Executive Planning Director at Zulu Alpha Kilo. “We know that consumers are not in love with cheques as a form of payment. However, we are creatures of habit and need to be reminded that there’s a better way to exchange money other than cheques or cash,” said Shari, completely ignoring the existence of debit transactions.

Zulu Alpha Kilo’s campaign also includes “video pre-rolls, standard and rich media banner ads, along with paid and organic social media support to tease audiences with the absurdity of these stories” and will run until the spring. The creative is supported with a national digital media campaign handled by Media Experts, as well as a French adaptation for the Quebec marketplace developed by TANK. Stick around for credits and “Let The Games Begin” after the jump. 


Agency: Zulu Alpha Kilo
Chief Creative Officer: Zak Mroueh
Executive Creative Director: Ron Smrczek
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Creative Director: Jon Webber
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Art Director: Allan Mah                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Writer: Courtney Colomby-Brown
Agency Producer: Ola Stodulska
Broadcast Producer: Melanie Lamberston
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Account Team: Rob Feightner, Adrian Goodgoll
Strategic Planner: Zoe Neuman
Photographer: Jamie Morren
Client (Company): Interac
Clients: Andrea Danovitch, Leslie Vera, Lauren McKay, Catherine Boshell, Barry Campbell
French Adaptation: TANK
Executive Creative Director (French): Alex Gadoua
Account Director (French): Marie-Claude Céré
Production House: Secret Location / Soft Citizen
Director: Air Castle
Executive producer: CJ Hervey, Link York
Line Producer: John Nadalin
Production Designer: Brad Rothwell
Sound Production House: Pirate
Director: Tom Goudie
Engineer: Keith Ohman
Producer: Lisa Fleming
Post Production: Secret Location / Relish
Editor: Chris Murphy
Animation: Michael Kazanowski
Colourist: Scott McIntyre
Retouching: Nabil Elsaadi, Josh Ingleby
Website Development: Secret Location
Creative Director: Pietro Gagliano
Technical Director: Ryan Andal
Art Director: Marshall Lorenzo
User Experience Design: Misha Frolov
Design: Shigeo Katsura-Gordon
Developers: Ian Zamojc, Bryan Gislason
MEDIA AGENCY: Media Experts
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              MEDIA TEAM: Richard Ivey, Jenna Piirto, Lauren Rosenbloom