Zulu Alpha Kilo Knows How Much the Pitch Process Sucks

By Patrick Coffee 

You guys have probably seen this one already. But if you haven’t, it’s a nice fuck you to all the people who insist that consultancies do all the things agencies can’t.

Everyone experiences this in some form, what with even old school creative shops pushing their numerical expertise.

We can also confirm that the line about consultancies offering surveys as the solution to every problem is completely accurate.

But these polite Canadian fellows have a larger point: when was the last time you saw a particularly effective ad campaign made by a consultancy?


Zulu didn’t just make a funny video. There’s a website too! Just as they have spoken out against spec work in the past, they’ve laid out a guide to making pitches great again: hire a decent search consultant, don’t invite every agency CEO and his brother, don’t go from room to room demanding that agency X agree to do Y for Z dollars because the guys next door just did…

And maybe just don’t be a dickhead. There’s enough of that in the business already.