Zoosk, C+K Unleash ‘Heart Friend’ for Love Advice

By Jordan Teicher 

In early June, San Fran-based Camp + King took over as the first AOR for the mobile dating site Zoosk. Seven weeks later, we herald the return of Heart Friend, the chatty heart-shaped mascot who is now doling out dating advice for inquiring users. Zoosk asked its users to post questions on Facebook, and then the Zoosk team selected the best posts for our little buddy, Heart Friend.

Each week, Heart Friend will answer one question by video for the site’s YouTube channel. This week: what to wear on a first date. Heart Friend does some rambling about men being bulls and then goes into an awkward aside about a red dress. Heart Friend has a man’s voice, but then shows up wearing a dress, which is supposed to make you laugh, I think? Cupid must already be under contract elsewhere. Credits after the jump.


Roger Camp                         CCO / Partner

Jamie King                           CEO / Partner

Adam Koppel                        Creative Director

Rikesh Lal                             Creative Director

Casey Brewer                      Associate Creative Director

Dan Korn                            Art Director

Kyle Davis                             Copywriter

Dora Lee                                Director of Digital Production

Molly Lewis                           Brand and Strategy Director

Alec Black                             Brand Manager

Anne Tway                            Strategy Director



Production Company:         In-house


Casey Brewer                       Director

Dora Lee                                Executive Producer

Juliette Tang                         Production Manager

Nelsen Brazill                       Director of Photography

Dan Korn                               Production Designer



Editorial Company:              Umlaut Films


Doug Cox                              Editor

Gina LoCurcio                      Executive Producer

Kelly Gibbs                            Producer

Ivan Miller                             Colorist / Effects Supervisor