Z Gillispie Celebrates Ten Years with Nurun

By Michael Musco 

Apparently, spending ten years at one agency is enough of a milestone to merit a celebratory announcement these days. That’s what Nurun is doing to herald the decade-long tenure of creative director Z Gillispie, who has been with the agency since it was a small Atlanta-based operation.  He’s led a team of creative professionals through the Nurun acquisition five years ago and ultimately became part of a global network of more than 850 staffers. During his time at Nurun, Gillispie has worked  on numerous accounts like AT&T Wireless, Home Depot, AutoTrader.com, SPX, and Frontier Airlines, to name just a few.

Through all of the ups and downs that come across the life of a creative, this man has survived. Anyone who goes 10 or more years in the same agency deserves some recognition we suppose. We take off our hats and salute you, sir.

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