Y&R Russia Reminds Drivers Not to Take Handicapped Spots

By Patrick Coffee 

Driving is hard. So is parking.

Yesterday, Bravo/Y&R reminded us not to get behind the wheel while blazed out of our minds by way of some totally rad rolling papers–and today the company’s Russian office found a way to make the process of parking a little easier.

In short, all you inconsiderate drivers would be far less likely to steal a disabled spot that CLEARLY doesn’t belong to you if faced by the sort of person who should be allowed to park there…or at least a hologram thereof.


Here’s the case study video of the campaign, created for Russian nonprofit Dislife:

To make a gross overgeneralization, Russians get creative about safe driving.

You may recall that BBDO’s Russian wing recently created an interesting PSA hidden within a very, very boring YouTube video…of someone driving. Of course that one touched a nerve at Google:

bbdo russia

Probably not going to happen for Y&R.