Y&R Reveals Car Fox Den

By Erik Oster 

If you’ve watched Car Fax’s spots featuring their Car Fox mascot and wondered where exactly he lives and how he gets his information (who are you?), Y&R’s new Car Fax spot will leave you one very satisfied, strange individual by answering both of these questions.

Y&R’s new 30 second spot, “Mole” introduces the Car Fox den, which acts as the center of the Car Fox’s elaborate operation (and presumably also his home). It also introduces another animal working in conjunction with the Car Fox and his team to “dig up” accident reports (I think you can guess this one). The spot builds on a character people immediately associate with brand (thanks, puns) to promote its selling points, which makes it easier to overlook its cheesiness. Also, I’m pretty sure fox dens aren’t 100 feet underground, but whatever. Credits after the jump.



Y&R Midwest Creative Credits

Chief Creative Officer: Bill Cimino

VP/Creative Directors: Adam Cook, Gordon West

Copywriter: John Doessel

Art Director: Dane Canada

Executive Agency Producer: Brian Smego

Producer: Cary Potterfield


Framestore Creative Credits

Creative Director/Director – Ben West

Senior Producer – Tram Le

Live Action Producer – David Hay

CG Lead – Jamie O’Hara

Animation – Kevin Rooney, Sash Arvelo

3D – John Montefusco, Anastasios Gionis

2D – JD Yepes, Tony Lyons

Character Design – Callum Mckeveny

Editor – Brett Nicoletti