Y&R NY Celebrates ‘5 Second Filmmaker’ for Dell

By Erik Oster 

For the latest in the brand’s “Learning Meets Doing,” Y&R New York teamed up with Über Content and director Adam Gunser to create a mockumentary celebrating “5 Second Filmmaker” Marty Goldberg.

Goldberg is the (fictional) king of the the 5-second film, taking home the “Cinco” award year after year and employing “The Goldberg Method” while grooming his assistant and protege. Seemingly targeting the growing popularity of the short-format Vine, the mockumentary mostly seems to be trying too hard and its humor never really hits it mark and struggles to find a cohesive tone. Most of the time, the spot seems to be mocking Goldberg, but elsewhere seems to celebrate his working methods showcasing Dell technology. Also worth noting is that the brevity-mocking video feels long at 2:15. Goldberg could have done it in five seconds. Stick around for credits after the jump.



Agency: Y&R New York
Chief Creative Officer: Jim Elliott, Y&R New York
Global Creative Director: Jim Radosevic, Y&R New York
Creative Director/Art Director: Alan Vladusic, Y&R New York
Creative Director/Copywriter: Bruce Jacobson, Y&R New York
Group Creative Director: Hunter Eshelman, VML New York
Executive Director of Content Production: Letitia Jacobs, Y&R New York
Executive Producer: Gisellah Harvey, Y&R New York
Global Account Managing Director: Lara Griggs, Y&R New York
Group Account Director: Ann Carey, Y&R New York
Brand Strategist:  Juliette Cilia, Y&R New York
Account Director: Thayer Joyce, VML New York

Director: Adam Gunser
Production Company: Über Content
Executive Producer/ Owner: Phyllis Koenig
Executive Producer/ Owner: Preston Lee
Executive Producer: Steve Wi
Line Producer: Pat Harris
Director of Photography: Jac Fitzgerald
Art Director: Marc Benacerraf

Editor: John Piccolo @ Fluid
Asst Editor: Christian Oreste
Executive Director: Laura Revlosky
Audio Mixing:  David Wolfe  @ Mr. Bronx Audio
Color Correction: Stephen Picano
VFX/Flame: Chris Davis, Bryan Rosenblum