Y&R New York Taps Historical Figures in Support of H2O

By Erik Oster 

Y&R New York has launched a new campaign for Partnership for a Healthier America’s Drink Up initiative. The Partnership for a Healthier America, by the way, is the nonprofit, which works with Honorary Chair Michelle Obama, devoted to solving the childhood obesity crisis.

The campaign calls on the power of historical figures Muhammad Ali, Audrey Hepburn and Albert Einstein to celebrate the importance of drinking water. In the above 30-second spot, for example, Ali delights at a press conference while the camera slowly focuses in on his glass of water, followed by the line, “No wonder he never lost a press conference,” and then the “Water. So talented yet so humble tagline.” Other spots in the campaign employ a similar effect. The campaign also includes online banner ads, digital billboards, and a social media component utilizing the hashtag #spreadthewater. Credits and Albert Einstein spot after the jump.


Y&R and VML NY Creative Credits

Jim Elliott: Chief Creative Officer, Y&R NY

Mike Wente: Executive Creative Director, VML NY

Bruce Jacobson: Creative Director, Y&R NY

Alan Vladusic: Creative Director, Y&R NY

Harsh Kapadia: Senior Art Director, VML NY

Alice Thomas: Senior Copywriter, VML NY

Letitia Jacobs: Executive Director of Content Production, Y&R NY

David Mindel: Senior Graphic Designer, Y&R NY 

Loni Pont: Art Buyer

Abby Bralove: Assistant Producer