YouTube Celebrates Marriage Equality with ‘#ProudToLove’

By Erik Oster Comment

This morning, on the heels of a monumental ruling by the Supreme Court in favor of marriage equality (no thanks to a bizarre, nonsensical dissent from Clarence Thomas), YouTube released a video celebrating the decision, and Pride Month, entitled “#ProudToLove.”

The video, directed by Scott Chan, opens with footage of individuals who used videos posted to YouTube as a way to come out. This highlights YouTube as not only a longtime supporter of LGBT rights, but also its role in acting as a supportive community for those who need it. As the spot continues, it mixes in footage both personal and political. One of these clips includes the line, “I hope you will stand on the right side of history,” an appropriate choice since the Supreme Court decision now makes it abundantly clear which side that is. It’s a fitting tribute to both the Supreme Court’s historical decision in favor of equality and to Pride Month. We expect to see a lot of brands follow in YouTube’s footsteps with their own celebratory messages, but this will likely stand as not only one of the first such efforts but also one of the best.