Your Wednesday Odds and Ends

By Kiran Aditham 

-He left home without us. Legendary actor/pitchman Karl Malden, recognized in the ad world for his memorable tagline for American Express Travelers Cheques, has passed away at 97. link

&#151Hi-speed mobile internet brand Clear, via Secret Weapon Marketing, includes an outdoor component in a Portland stall as part of its integrated WiMax campaign…or at least we thought it was a stall. Regardless, mobile usage never felt so dirty. link


Rob Horning from arts & entertainment blog Popmatters offers a thesis of sorts that equates advertising to placebos. Just skip a few paragraphs down if you must. link

-W+K, London has launched Platform, an “ideas incubator” that hopes to staff creatives outside the ad realm. Some folks just can’t cut a break. link

Joseph Jaffe calls time of death on the 30-second spot right after the closing night of Cannes. link

-The fashionistas at Chanel school editors, advertisers and creatives about the proper use of the brand name. link

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