Your Ticket to Space Relies on Predicting When KLM’s Balloon Will Pop

By Bob Marshall 

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, which famously flies from The Netherlands to the Nether Lands™, is giving regular schmucks like you and me a chance to float around in outer space for a while. What this has to do with flying to different locations on Earth is unclear, but KLM along with agencies RAPP and Tribal DDB Amsterdam probably figured, “Hey, Axe is giving away a trip to outer space. We should do that too.” And do that too they are.

Of course, a campaign doesn’t begin and end with just giving away tickets to space. As every advertising veteran knows, the difficult part is determining  who actually gets the tickets. Ever the pragmatists, KLM have decided that this makes the most logical sense: They are launching a balloon with space tickets inside of it from Area 51 on April 22, with viewers of a live stream predicting at what altitude the balloon will pop. Should you guess correctly, you get the space tickets.


Should advertising ever be lauded for any one attribute, it should be its practicality. Credits after the jump.

Creative Directors

Bram Holzapfel


Sander van de Vlasakker

Art Director

Joost van Middelaar, Keith Kornson


Keith Kornson, Anthony Goodwin

Client Services Director

Esther te Pas


Matty Bakker, Jesse Mons, Linda Cuvelier

Strategic/Planning Director

Rogier van der Werf

Interactive Designer

Joeri Kiekebosch




Jan Willem Penterman (Technical Lead)

Production Company



Tom Rijpert

Executive Producer

Arjen Warendorff


Stephan Murray

Post-Production company



MassiveMusic, Kaiser Sound Studios, MediaMonks