Your Day 3 Cannes Report

By Kiran Aditham 

Our roving field reporter Yunilda Esquivel, executive producer at The Institute, continues her adventures at this year’s Cannes Lions, and here’s her observations from day three. Take it away.

Hello AgencySpy Readers!


Before I dive into some of the more notable moments of the day, let me share this year’s festival buzzword: content. No surprise there. We’ve all been talking about content for awhile now, but – trumping last year’s “digital” – it’s definitely the word of the week. Every panel I’ve been to touches on questions asking, how do we produce it? How do we distribute it? How do we make it relevant?  Why do we distribute it? Who can make it? Who should make it? The answers vary depending on who you’re talking to, but everyone’s in agreement that disruptive communication is here to stay.


Best Panel Discussion of the Day:


The conversation focused on the striking difference between what traditional agencies are pushing as content and what emerging creative content creators are doing. Damian Kulash, singer from the band OK GO, was on the panel talking about how creative experimentation has contributed to the band’s international success via their YouTube channel, and the interest they’ve then garnered from advertisers precisely because of their unique and unorthodox style. Marc Speichert, CMO  at L’Oreal USA, was quick to point out the need for a nimble creative partner, and how an agnostic, creative approach to content creation can help a brand to connect with their audience.


Most Fascinating Statistic of the Day:


Research predicts that augmented reality will become the 8th largest medium, right behind mobile, according to Kimberly Kadlec, VP of Johnson & Johnson’s Global Marketing Group.
The US seems to be slower to adopt the technology, but there is some great augmented reality work being done like this fun idea for BAND-AID with The Muppets from JWT New York. Check it out here.


Best Conversation of the day:


An enthusiastic Guillermo Gimenez y Brotons, creative excellence director for Coca-Cola Mexico talking about how the company is rethinking its global communications in terms of format and medium to better connect with what matters to their consumers. (Agencies, take note!)

Check back tomorrow for more news from the Palais, photos from an exclusive private event and a recap of what’s sure to be the party of the week, Massive Music’s infamous Wednesday night shindig that’s creating The World’s Biggest
for one night only at Le Bâoli.

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(Pictured above: Industry soccer fans from Ukraine, Germany and the UK discussing the Eurocup at Casa Mexico’s cocktail hour)