Your Ad Must be >3 Seconds to Ride the SuperBowl

By Matt Van Hoven 

The spot above, for WeatherProof Garment Co. won’t be airing during the SuperBowl. The company has tried, and failed, for the second year in a row to get their name on the game via a three-second ad.

Look here. NBC owns the rights to the sponsored airtime. Or, at least they’re managing them, so everyone stop whining about how they won’t let your ads on the air.

When you control something valuable, something that lots of other people want, you get to dictate who gets it. Why the hell would NBC want to air your crappy three-second piece of garbage? It’s terrible.

A statement from Weathercrap: “Last Super Bowl, the company attempted to buy a three second ad and committed to outreaching to other smaller advertisers to join forces in order to “time share” an ad for this year’s upcoming Super Bowl. While NBC denied Weatherproof’s “time share” concept, the weakening economy and lackluster Super Bowl ad sales beg the question: why decline an innovative solution?”

Brands are only willing to spend millions on Super Bowl time because of the exclusivity they get. Sure, like all TV programs, there will be other things advertised during the SB. But with so many eyeballs watching, the last thing NBC wants to do is alienate audiences with a bunch of shitty three-second hiccups, or piss off the other ad-buying clients who may see such ads as clutter &#151 or maybe they’d be upset at having paid full price.

How many Taco Bell’s are parked beside Tiffany’s shops? Do you think that has more to do with Taco Bell or the real-estate agent representing the building space?

Either way, it behooves NBC to protect their product. The Super Bowl is and probably always will be a seller’s market, and since TV ad-buying isn’t part of the democratic process Weatherdunce and others should take their tiny ad budgets and spend them elsewhere. Yeah, maybe the space has been hard to sell, but if there’s one media buy that won’t ever be a recession special, it’s the Super Bowl.

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