You Decide: Logos for Pepsi, Gatorade and Mtn. Dew

By Matt Van Hoven 

On Tuesday, we showed you Pepsi’s new logo. You remarked that it looked like an undone zipper, a ‘V’ for victory and (our favorite) the Obama logo. According to UnderConsideration dot com, the logos to the right might soon be hitting store shelves.

A UC source apparently dug around the US Patent Web site to find this stuff, which means that it’s been trademarked &#151 but that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily going to be implemented. Personally, we can’t stand the sight of the Mtn. Dew logos &#151 come on, mountains are so 1993.

As for Gatorade &#151 it’s nothing to write home about, either. But we have heard that vitamins are being added to the bevs, which our source says is an attempt to compete with VitaminWater. We’re not convinced either product is “healthy” (which is coincidentally why we stick to Jack and Coke).

See what’s happening to some of Gatorade’s products, after the jump.

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On top of the vitamin boost, the drinks are getting their names punched up, too. Take Gatorade Rain, for example (what has two thumbs and wants to drink toxic cloud pee? Not this guy), which has been allegedly been re-branded as Gatorade “Pure”. In a similar fashion, Fierce will now be “Bring It”.


Per our source: “What fucking idiot though of that one? Typical Old White America (Ed’s note: TBWA shall hence forth be referred to as Typical Boring White America) trying to market to the young and urban. Pure was one of the originally suggested names for Rain. Also the first new Gatorade spot from Chiat LA is gonna air during the Super Bowl. I just hop they Bring It. LOL”

Snap! We intend to continue using the original Gatorade names we’ve relied upon for years (red, orange, yellow, purple, blue and “that one’s nasty”) so as not to confuse ourselves. We suggest you do the same. They’re great for hangovers!