You Decide: JWT Does The Ford Flex

By SuperSpy 

JWT Detroit is still kicking. Their latest challenge was to handle creative for this week’s launch of Ford’s new electric car, The Flex. Toby Barlow, executive creative director and co-president of JWT Team Detroit said:

“For the Flex launch, we employed three new processes during our developmental cycle. Beyond just developing a brief, we also established a massive brand book which expanded far beyond the traditional style guide. The brand book served as the ‘Holy Grail’ that all creative was measured against.”


Wow. You guys did your job! You know, you did some branding for a new product! OMG. That’s genius. How did you think of moving beyond just a brief? Outstanding!

Puhleeze… Anyway, the campaign kicks off nationally this week with two television spots that celebrate Flex’s individuality. Check one out above. Another, featuring the music of Santgold, whom Converse is all over, can be viewed here. Both 30 second spots were directed by video music director Mark Romanek.

In the press release, they mention that the campaign is multi-tiered. Yeah, yeah and whose campaign isn’t these days? One execution of “tiers” is JWT asking six artists to create work around the design of Flex and they are using digital magazine covers. Another arm, is that JWT created some CG-animated mini movies over at the Ford Flex website.

Okay – so what do you guys think?