Yes, Tribal NY is Still Hiring

By Kiran Aditham 

Tribal DDB New York might be losing its fair share of senior creatives, but the agency wants you to know that it’s still adding to staff in some form or another. Tribal NY added among others Rashi Dhanda as management supervisor. Dhanda previously served as an account supervisor at Goodby for over two years, spent some time at Organic at 72andSunny and worked on the client side at Yahoo.

In addition to Dhanda, Tribal welcomed Raisa Ivannokova as art director. Ivannokava, who will work on a new technology client that’s yet to be announced, previously worked at Cossette, McGarryBowen and Wunderman. Finally, Josh Chambers (pictured) joined the agency as something called associate engagement planning director.


A few unknowns? Perhaps, but considering it’s been “layoff” this and “let go” that when we’ve been writing about the NY (and Chicago) Tribal office over the past year, might as well shine a light when they’re actually hiring. How these new staffers will immediately benefit an agency whose creative department is seemingly in a bit of flux, though, is anyone’s guess.

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