Yes, the Election Will Be Determined by Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots

By Kiran Aditham 

Now, this is democracy at work and it comes to us from of an agency outside the U.S. no less. Just six weeks after turning print ads into iPhone loudspeakers for Coca-Cola, Mauro Cavalletti and crew at JWT Brazil–specifically, the innovations lab at Agencia Casa JWT–have returned with a Twitter-centric effort just in time for Election Day called “Tweet Punch-Out.”

Not quite unlike what a couple of creatives from Dailey came up with back in August, Cavaletti and the JWT lab rats’ project pits Obama versus Romney in the form of blue and red Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots. The Agencia Casa camp hacked the scrappy bots and connected them to live Twitter feeds, which will trigger the toys to throw punches when either Obama or Romney is mentioned. Unlike the real-life debates, there’s no Candy Crowley or Bob Schieffer to rein things in, though judging from the score sheet, Obama’s camp might have to throw in the towel in this particular fight. Go here for all the streaming fun. Credits after the jump.


Creative Directors: Enoch Lam (Creative Director), Ricardo John (Chief Creative Officer), Mauro Cavalletti (Chief Integration Officer)
Technology Director: Felipe Gomide
Developers: Renato Gaspar, Renato Ramos, Antonio Alves Neto, Carlos Eduardo de Souza, Vicente Gomide
Art Direction: Ayres Landau
User Experience: Guilherme Goulart
Producer: Rodrigo Alberini
Art Producer: Paulo Setti