Yes, Lady Brienne of Tarth Makes Rolls Royce Ads Now

By Patrick Coffee 

Today we learned that there’s still news to report about HBO mangling George R.R. Martin. (No, we didn’t read the books. Sorry!)

First, Game of Thrones broke the Emmy record with 32 nominations, despite the fact that everyone on these here internets argued for 6 weeks about how much the last season sucked. Then, we got a pitch for a campaign starring one of that show’s very best characters, Lady Brienne, who should be better known as acclaimed star of stage and screen Gwendoline Christie.

It’s a spot promoting the Rolls Royce Phantom model. To make things slightly more interesting, it comes to us from Rankin, which we’re told is a (relatively new?) agency led by the British photographer and portraitist of the same name.


Said artist does his best to throw all the “boring rules” of auto marketing out the well-sculpted window.

That was mildly amusing, no?

“Rolls-Royce is the ultimate British brand. Number one of one. Eight years ago I got the chance to drive Phantom when working on ‘The Spirit of Ecstasy’ centenary,” said Rankin. “It was the best driving experience of my life. Not only was it exhilarating, I actually felt like a rebel and a part of that iconic history.”

We will have to take his word for it. The purpose of this effort, he continued, is to “express this one-of-a kind sensation.”

In a statement that was definitely not written by any public relations professional, Christie herself said, “They inherently respected the iconic status of this motor car and have vividly translated it with playful subversion, strength and humour. It is a true delight to be part of Rolls-Royce Iconography.”

Rankin’s homepage is far more humble, reading only, “We want to change the world.” Here are some examples of how the company is doing that via ads—sorry, short films—for Target, Aston Martin and G-Star Raw, among others.

In summary, we just have to say, screw it. We will watch the Game of Thrones prequel.