Yes, Golf Even Appeals to the Most Confusing Metal Band in the World

By Kiran Aditham 


A couple of these spots slipped into the tips box last night and now we’re being told it’s to promote the fact that FedEx is an official sponsor of the FedEx Cup. Wow, well consider our minds blown. Anyhow, this latest round from BBDO New York is somewhat humorous, well at least the majority of it is, including the ad above. We’re not sure if they’re supposed to be Slipknot, Kiss, Slayer, Mayhem or all of the above, but the only things that are missing here are several empty Jagermeister bottles strewn across the room. Well, of course, they’re golf fans despite their outer appearance, so perhaps they’re the more polite bunch and recycled their bevvies. Whatever, we’re getting on a tangent but “Check-In” below is our other fave from the bunch. Check out the third spot and credits after the jump.


“Band” & “Check-In” credits

Chief Creative Officer:                                                    David Lubars

Executive Creative Director:                                           Mike Smith

Executive Creative Director:                                          Greg Hahn

Creative Director:                                                           Gianfranco Arena

Creative Director:                                                           Peter Kain

Producer:                                                                        Elise Pavone

Prodcution Company:                                                     OPositive

Director:                                                                         Jim Jenkins

Editing House:                                                                Mackenzie Culter

Editor:                                                                             Ian Mackenzie

“Arnold Palmer Tea” credits:

Chief Creative Officer: David Lubars

Executive Creative Director: Mike Smith

Executive Creative Director: Greg Hahn

Creative Director: Gianfranco Arena

Creative Director: Peter Kain

Associate Creative Director: Justin Bilicki

Associate Creative Director: Alex Taylor

Producer: Elise Pavone

Production Company: OPositive

Director: Jim Jenkins

Editing House: Mackenzie Culter

Editor: Ian Mackenzie