Yahoo! to Spend Another $75-85 Million on Ad Campaign

By Matt Van Hoven 

Well this is embarassing:

“Just months after [Carol Bartz] took the reins [at Yahoo!] last year, she unveiled with much fanfare a $100 million campaign with the tagline ‘It’s You,’ focused on personalizing the online experience.”


Oh, so what happened next?

“The campaign failed to increase traffic to Yahoo’s home page or improve its share of the search market. In March, Ms. Bartz conceded it ‘didn’t have a really good call to action.'”

Oops. Now Yahoo! is dropping an additional $75-85 million, reports the Wall Street Journal, on ads like this one:

“new ads will tout non-Yahoo Web destinations such as Facebook and celebrity gossip site Pop Sugar. One billboard features a man showing off his favorite websites. His tie bears the logos of sites such as Yahoo Travel, Yahoo Finance, Twitter and Flicker.”

And before we rip off the Journal any further, click here. There’s a lot more to know.

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