XBOX Kinect Envisions the Future

By Bob Marshall 

Will 2011 be remembered as the “Year of the Great Video Game Spot?” When it debuted last month, it really didn’t look like Deutsch LA’s “Michael” ad for PlayStation 3 would have any challengers for the most memorable spot of the year. That is, of course, until XBOX and agency twofifteenmccann released the above jaw-dropping commercial, “The Kinect Effect.”

As the VO says, XBOX thought turning voice and movement into “magic” via Kinect technology “would be fun. And it was.” Hey, if you’ve ever had the opportunity to play one of XBOX’s sports titles for Kinect, there’s little argument you can make against this statement. But, then we see the same technology used for spiking a virtual volleyball in your opponents’ face used for education, surgery, and disposing of hazardous waste. Add to that a great orchestral cover of the Pixies’ “Where is My Mind?” (probably best known to many as the song that plays during the end of Fight Club), and at the end of the spots’ 77-second run time, all a viewer can muster in response is an awestruck is, to quote lauded thespian Joey Lawrence, “Whoa.”


XBOX portrays Kinect as an idea that can affect a target demo who isn’t clamoring for the next Halo installment. It’s quite a bold statement, and one that we don’t see competitors Sony and Nintendo making with their own gaming platforms. Calling it “visionary” is an understatement, as in “The Kinect Effect,” we see video games change the world. Credits after the jump.

Chief Creative Officer: Scott Duchon
Creative Director: Paul Caiozzo/James Robinson
Art Director: Nik Daum
Copywriter: Neil Bruce
Director of Integrated Production: Tom Wright
Senior Producers: Mai Huynh / Colleen Wellman
Business Director: Peter Goldstein
Management Supervisor: Melissa Hill
Account Executive: Justin Charness

Production Company: Anonymous Content
Director: Malcolm Venville
EP/Production: SueEllen Clair
Production Designer: Chris Jones
DP: Richard Henkels
Production Service Co:  Stillking Prague

Editorial Company: Arcade
Editor:   Christjan Jordan
Executive Producer:    Deanne Mehling
Post Producer: Kirsten Thon-Webb
Assistant Editor: Andrew Leggett

Visual Effects: Brewster Parsons
VFX Supervisor/Flame Lead:  Simon Scott
Designer: Alex Komin
Designer: Chris Saunders
CG: Spatial Harmonics
Compositor:  Emily Bloom
Producer: Chandra Irving/Rebekah Koerbel
Executive Producer: Darcy Parsons

Telecine Company: New Hat
Colorist: Beau Leon

Original Music: Q Department
Music adaptation and arrangement by Q Department.
Sound Designer: Brian Emrich

Mix: Lime Studios
Mixer: Rohan Young
Audio producer: Jessica Locke and Bruce Hortwitz