WWM Creates a Very…Unusual Promo Video

By Patrick Coffee 

Today in Pitches That Worked news, WWM or We Were Monkeys is an agency based in Montreal.

Yesterday they sent us a video that their creative team made in order to promote the agency. It is very, shall we say, interesting.

(We would warn you that it’s NSFW but you all work in advertising, soooo….)


Well, then. After watching that clip we had questions — many burning questions.

Thankfully, a WWM spokesperson answered our queries, though you’ll have to click through to read the answers and click here if you want to see the creative credits..

So how did this idea come about? 

We wanted to create something bold and daring — something that would make viewers do a double-take. We asked ourselves “How do you do that, exactly?” We know that sex is easy and always “works,” but we wanted to make something that had more than just shock value…something beautiful, strong and empowering.

We wanted to create a fantasy. We understand that upon first watch “Room 20” may seem shocking, but who are we to judge someone else’s fantasy? And whose fantasy is it anyway: the viewer, the woman, or one of the men in the room?

How does it reflect upon the other work your studio does? 

All of our work is fantastical…it’s the beating heart of WWM. Compared to the rest of our portfolio, ‘Room 20’ is definitely bolder and more adult, and perhaps more challenging for the viewer, but we want to show that we can create more mature content.

How are you promoting it?


Do you work with agencies? If so, do you see this as a promotion aimed at agencies or future clients? 

Yes, we do work with agencies. We love collaborating with creatives and clients. “Room 20” is aimed at agencies and clients alike.

Who’s the intended audience?

Bold clients and agencies that aren’t afraid of taking risks and standing out.

What conclusions can we draw about your creative team from this spot? 

We love thought-provoking concepts and fantasy in all of its forms. We aren’t afraid of taking risks: being bold and cheeky and having a sense of humour. Visual beauty and rich detail is incredibly important to us, no matter the medium.

How did you cast it?

We had a superb Casting Director who understood our vision immediately. He’s very connected to the community and found us the best cast we could have asked for.

Are these naked dudes all actors or are they employees?

Everyone in the room is an experienced actor except for one guy who had never done anything like this before, but he told us afterwards he had a great time. The set had a relaxed and fun energy, and everyone was open-minded and professional. Some of the cast became friends-for-life. How could you not when you just spooned a naked stranger!

Finally: what’s with the strap-on?

What do you think?

That’s the big question, readers: what do you think?!