Wrangler Sets People on Fire

By Bob Marshall 

In America, we have Brett Favre. He plays pick-up football with his bros in rural Mississippi, sits pensively atop a tractor for a while, and then leaves his makeshift gridiron to go feel up a masseuse, all while wearing his pair of real, comfortable Wrangler jeans. In the grand ol’ US-o-A, Wrangler jeans are dad jeans. They’re the jeans you wear to fix the house, the jeans you wear to roughhouse with your kids and the jeans you wear to recline on your lazy boy, open that case of Milwaukee’s Best and watch football for six hours straight.

In Europe, Wrangler jeans are apparently something totally different. Since Wrangler’s “We Are Animals” campaign launched in 2008, the company has been fighting Levi’s head-on as the cost-efficient jeans for Europe’s rebellious, independently minded youth. And, this spot from Paris shop Fred & Farid takes it up a notch with professional stunt people on fire and jumping through windows.


The campaign also features a print component, featuring eye-popping photography from Cass Bird and a website that allows users to virtually experience the feeling of jumping through a window. Yeah, Favre might be known as an “ironman” throughout the world of sports, but has he ever done his job while on fire?