WPP’s David Documents the Rise and Fall of ‘Subservient Chicken’ for Burger King

By Patrick Coffee 

Today Burger King dropped the first spot by its new global AOR, WPP agency David.

As a faux “where are they now” covering the CP+B original’s fall from fame and return to viral advertising, it’s about as meta as you would expect.

It’s also more than a little “Rocky”: there’s an Italian trainer; there’s an instrumental montage; there’s at least one raw egg; there’s Screech as a costumed Mexican chicken fighter.


The campaign isn’t as interactive as its predecessor; while the rollout included a series of missing person-style print ads, viewers can’t tell this chicken what to do (and yes, we know the responses were pre-recorded in 2004).

The big question, given the spot’s very open-ended conclusion and the fact that BK CMO Eric Hischorn told USA Today that “[The Chicken] will stick around going forward”: where will the sequel go?


Agency: DAVID, a WPP Agency

Chief Creative Officer/Founder: Anselmo Ramos
Art Director: Tony Kalathara
Copywriter: Russell Dodson
Head of Global Production: Veronica Beach
Senior Producer: Mariane Göebel
Assistant Producer: Cátia Nucci
Business Manager: Libby Fine
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Online: The Mill

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