WPP Hopping Back into Zimbabwe So Soon?

By Matt Van Hoven 

It was just a year ago that WPP pulled out of a little 25% ownership stake in Imago Young & Rubicam, a shop in Zimbabwe that aided in the re-election campaign of President Robert Mugabe. But as B|Net reports, WPP’s Sir Martin Sorrell sat in on a pitch where the country’s new Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai (pictured) &#151 who btw since coming on has helped bring Zimbabwe’s inflation rate from 5 billion percent to just 3 &#151 who explained why his country should not be overlooked.

Maybe WPP never wanted to get out in the first place, but it’s understandable why they did. The association with Mugabe’s re-election was awful since the country’s people are suffering from gross misuse of natural resources, human rights violations and more &#151 much at Mugabe’s hand.

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