Woody Harrelson Wants You To Know The End of The World is Nigh

By Matt Van Hoven 

Click play to be entertained by Woody Harrelson, er Charlie Frost, as he riffs about the end of the world (which will take place on Dec. 12, 2012 in case you didn’t know).

Charlie wants you to learn more about “the end” on his Web site, ThisIsTheEnd.com, which links to another site for the shady organization, the Institute for Human Continuity. The organization seems oddly official, especially the plan to save humanity (there’s a lottery &#151 not everyone can be saved so sign up now!)

At first, someone stumbling on the IHC site could potentially think it’s legit. After all, marketers wouldn’t dare try to benefit from the prophesied end of the world, would they? They wouldn’t toy with us!

Ha! You know the answer to that. It’s all a gag for the movie 2012, which comes out in November. Woody Harrelson plays crazy end-of-the-world bum Charlie Frost. Danny Glover and John Cusack arise from the dead, too.

That was fun.


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