WONGDOODY Says So Long to ‘Showholes’ in Pair of New Spots for Amazon Fire TV

By Erik Oster 

WONGDOODY launched a pair of new spots in its ongoing “Showhole” campaign for Amazon Fire TV, entitled “Couple” and “Stuck.”

Both spots continue to explore the “Showhole” phenomenon, a term coined by Amazon to describe the fear and anxiety associated with finishing a series and not knowing what to watch next. In “Couple” a man’s partner is annoyed by how long he takes to find that next show, but luckily Amazon Fire TV’s recommendations comes to the rescue before she gets back with her TV-ex.

“Stuck,” meanwhile shows a young man suffering from “finale phobia,” concerned he will be stuck consumed by his couch when he can’t decide to watch next after finishing the last episode of his favorite show.

While the spots could do a better job of explaining what exactly makes Amazon Fire TV’s recommendations better, the “Showhole” approach is a good one. It’s an easy-to-remember term that just about anyone can relate to. After all, who hasn’t felt that twinge of sadness, after, say, finishing the last episode of season two of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt last Sunday? The effect is exaggerated for (largely unsuccessful) humorous effect, but what viewers will remember, as with previous efforts, is the phenomnenon (and term) itself. And while the spots don’t address why the service is better at recommendations than streaming standard-bearer Neflix, we’re guessing enough viewers have had frustrating experiences with that service’s recommendation system that the simple implication is a decent selling point. “Couple” will run on broadcast and online throughout the spring, while “Stuck” will air on streaming services such as Hulu. We’re guessing WONGDOODY will continue the approach with new efforts this summer.

Chairman, ECD: Tracy Wong
CD: Adam Nowak
ACD, Art Director: Mishy Cass
ACD, Copywriter: Matt McCain
Senior Producer: Nikki Castillo
Group Account Director: Megan Meagher
Account Director: Erin Billmaier


Executive Creative Director: Michael Boychuk
Senior Marketing Manager: Augie Gramaglia

Director: Michael Illick
DP: James Whitaker
Executive Producer: Eric Liney
Producer: Paul Manix

POST: Whitehouse Post
Editor of “Showhole Couple”: Corky DeVault
Editor of “Showhole Stuck”: Brian Gannon
Producer: Jennifer Mersis
Head of Production: Joanna Manning
Executive Producer: Joni Williamson

VFX: Carbon VFX
Executive Producer: Matt McManus

AUDIO: Clatter & Din
Engineer: Sam Gray

COLOR: Company 3
Senior Colorist: Sean Coleman

VO: Malcolm McDowell

Husband: Steve Berg
Wife: Sylvia Panacione
Hot Guy: Kirby Heyborne

Stuck Man: Kwame Boateng