W+K’s Move On JWT’s Nike Business

By SuperSpy 

Dan Wieden was recently in New Delhi visiting the India-based branch of his agency. The shop was opened in late 2007 to handle W+K’s global work for Nokia. And while the agency currently doesn’t touch the Nike brand in India (that is left up to JWT), it will soon have “some sort of an arrangement” according to the legendary ad man. No one should be surprised to see that Nike is looking to give W+K a slice of the pie now that this new branch is up and running at full steam.

In a recent interview, Wieden was asked how his agency is doing during this time of fiscal crisis. “It is interesting because unlike the dot-com crash where everybody just froze in places, this time there has been an upheaval. There are a lot of pitches and businesses up for grabs. So, we have actually benefited from that.” Kind of like this Nike India thing, hunh?


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