W+K, Dodge Reveal a Couple More Dart ‘How-to’s’

By Bob Marshall 

Four months since the debut “How to Change Cars Forever,” WK’s Portland’s first spot for the Dodge Dart, it’s clear the campaign is now kicking it into high-gear with phase two.

When we first posted the debut spot back in July, there was quite a discussion going on in our comments section. It’s become par for the course here: We post new work from W+K, and the comments explode with people saying it’s not as good as Wieden’s past work or, if someone likes it, it’s because her or she must some sort of W+K fanboy. It’s a testament to W+K’s amazing portfolio they’ve built throughout the years. We expect this agency to blow our mind with every campaign, and we’re quick to complain when it doesn’t.


While this Dodge Dart maybe didn’t completely turn my world upside down with the first spot, it’s definitely grown on me. Despite the fact that it seems to run during every commercial break of an NFL telecast, when I hear the familiar bassline of Kanye West/Jay-Z‘s “No Church in the Wild,” I find myself always completely absorbed in the spot, guessing what aspect of the Dodge Dart will be presented next.

These two new spots, “Interior” and “Unsafe,” take the same formula and condense it into 30-second slices of sensory overload. Perhaps its reflective of the over-caffeniated environment of the W+K Portland office? In any case, the rapid-fire narrative of the Dart’s features really does make the car look like it is far more technologically advanced than any of its competitors. If you’re wondering how to make TV spots dazzle and sell simultaneously, well, it’s just this easy. Credits after the jump.

Creative Directors

Aaron Allen / Joe Staples / Michael Tabtabai


Justine Armour / Jared Elms

Art Director

Devin Gillespie

Executive Producer

Corey Bartha

Account Team

Thomas Harvey / Lani Reichenbach / Corey Woodson

Executive Creative Directors

Mark Fitzloff / Susan Hoffman

Agency Head of Production

Ben Grylewicz


Biscuit Filmworks


Christopher Riggert

Executive Producer

Holly Vega

Line Producer

Jay Veal

Director of Photography

Tobin Irwin


Joint Editorial


Tommy Harden

Post Producer

Ryan Shanholtzer

Post Executive Producer

Patty Brebner


Method Studios

VFX Supervisor

Ben Walsh

Flame Artist

Claus Hansen / Cary Welton / Thomas Downs

VFX Producer

Les Jones

Executive Producer

Robert Owens



Sound Designer

Gus Koven


“No Church in the Wild” by Jay-Z/Kanye West


Ceinwyn Clark


Lime Studios


Joel Waters


Jessica Locke