W+K Sao Paulo Shows You What NOT to Do After Eating Chocolate

By Patrick Coffee 

Today in Not Really Odd International Campaigns, Wieden+Kennedy’s Brazilian office promoted the Lacata 5Star (read: Twix) bar earlier this month with a spot focusing on the totally irrational things that people do after eating chocolate…things like whipping a bear with a wet towel and jumping out of a plane without a parachute.

The subtitles are not quite accurate, but you get the idea: the sugar rush from a single bite of chocolate can make people a little delusional.

This campaign has been a big hit with the Brazilian public, with well over a million YouTube views over the past two weeks.

For all the talk of Brazilian creatives and their zany ideas, though, this one is very much in keeping with American candy ads. It’s almost…traditional, isn’t it?

Also, type 2 diabetes is no joke. Thank you.