W+K São Paulo, Nike Remind Brazil ‘Tomorrow Starts Now’

By Erik Oster 

W+K São Paulo has a new spot for Nike entitled “Tomorrow Starts Now,” reminding Brazilians who have just had their hearts broken by the World Cup that they still have the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics to look forward to.

The well-produced 60-second spot, created in conjunction with PBA Cinema/Produtora Associados and director Nico Perez Veiga seeks to inspire with a montage of Brazilian athletes training and competing at their respective sports. While the inclusion of indoor soccer may poor a little salt in some still fresh wounds, the larger message is to forget the past and move forward. The dialogue and voiceover free spot relies entirely on its soundtrack and footage to get its message across, ending with the “Tomorrow Starts Now” tagline, which serves as both an inspiration for a nation in need of some cheering up and a more general Nike-style rallying call. Stick around for credits after the jump.



Client: Nike do Brasil

Product: Nike

Year of Production: 2014

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy São Paulo

Executive Creative Directors: Icaro Doria, Guillermo Vega

Creative Directors: Blake Kidder, Patrick Almaguer

Copywriter: Kako Mendez, Luiz Filipin

Art Director: Mihail Alexandrov, Eddy Guimarães

Agency Producer: Gabriel Dagostini

Account: Ryan Fisher, Jorge Papa

Planning: Rodrigo Maroni, Anne Heuer, Vitor Amos, Marcelo Chabes

Media: Renata Valio, Germano Spinola, Guilherme Cavalcante, Natália Maróstica

Client Approval: Colin Leary, Barbara Casara

Production Company: PBA Cinema/Produtora Associados

Director: Nico Perez Veiga

Director of Photography: Carlos Ritter

Producer: Mayra Gama e Fernanda Gomes

Editor: Alejo Moijman

Account – Production Company: Fernanda Gomes e Leticia Hernandez

Finalizador: André Baltrusaitis

Post Coordinator: Diulle Fonseca

Audio Facility: Supersonica

Soundtrack Awakening (Steady & Assured Strings Only Version):

performed by Andy Quin

Audio Production: Dudu Aram

Account – Audio Production House: Cristiane Marquesi

Post House: FullFrame