W+K Public Relations – Where Are You?

By SuperSpy 

On another Wieden note…

We wrote W+K an email about a story that you may or may not ever see. We wrote the general PR box over at the shop, since we couldn’t find the appropriate contact on the fancy pants website they’ve got. And, P.S., most agencies have the right person, right up front willing to communicate. In response, a week later, we received this:


On Feb 4, 2008, at 8:10 PM, Public Relations wrote:

Please note; this is an email address for media responses only.

Okay, good we’ve got the right email address.

If you are inquiring about a specific position or other job opportunity within the company please send your information to xxxxx@wk.com in human resources.

Hmmm. No. Next?

If you are an artist or photographer interested in freelance work for the company, please contact xxxxx@wk.com in art buying.

Okay. No again.

If you are interested in touring or renting the Portland building for a special event or charity please contact xxxxx@wk.com.

Interesting. Nice way to add some dollars to the bottom line, W+K.

Due to confidentiality requirements of the agency, we are unable to participate in student research projects. Any materials that we are able to provide will be located at www.wk.com

Due to a high volume of emails, for all other media requests please allow sufficient time while your request is being processed. Please only submit media related queries to this address, due to volume of emails we will be unable to process all other inquiries.


Hunh. The high volume of emails? You guys have a massive amount of interns. Shouldn’t someone be sifting through these? Hell, even death star McCann sifts through their PR box. Maybe they think we’re not good enough to speak with? Nah. The shop loves to send us all their job and “12” info. Whatever it is, may we suggest that you guys sift through your PR box? Heavens knows what you might be missing out on.