W+K Portland Introduces Legendary Man for Old Spice

By Erik Oster 

When W+K Portland concluded its “Make a Smellmitment” campaign for Old Spice featuring Terry Crews and Isaiah Mustafa in November, we were left wondering what the agency had planned next for the brand. Now, at the start of 2016, W+K Portland has revealed a new character: the Legendary Man.

The agency’s “Legendary Protection for Legendary Men” campaign introduces the character with a pair of broadcast spots — “Whale” and “Rocket Car” —  promoting Old Spice’s Hardest Working Collection, which includes Odor Blocker and Sweat Defense deodorants and Dirt Destroyer body wash.  In “Whale,” the Legendary Man stands on the back of a whale, hitting tennis balls, and later simultaneously baseballs, launched at him from the other side of the giant aquatic mammal. While rapidly launching balls into the ocean, and failing to break a sweat, the Legendary Man remarks on how he can override his body telling him to slow down via sweat and body odor thanks to Old Spice’s Hardest Working Collection. “Rocket Car” sees the character in the middle of the desert, pushing the boundaries of a rocket car despite not having taken “even a basic ground-level engineering course of some type.”

As you have likely surmised by now, the character is very much in the tradition of W+K’s past creations for the brand. So fans of Terry Crews and Isaiah Mustafa‘s over the top theatrics should take to the Legendary Man pretty quickly. As in line with the brand’s past as the Legendary Man is, there’s also a freshness to the idea that was lacking from recent efforts and maybe some new blood was just what Old Spice needed. In addition to the broadcast spots, which will run in 15, 30 and 60-second versions, there’s also a series of digital mock-infomercials hosted by The King of Products, Bob Giovanni. Along with The Martin Agency’s “Brocabulary” videos for Geico, offering faux-vintage online content related to but distinct from a campaign’s broadcast offering seems to be something an emerging trend. 

Additionally, Old Spice will be partnering with Tough Mudder, as the official Men’s Body Wash and Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant for the obstacle course series. “Old Spice is a perfect partner for Tough Mudder, and we’re excited to introduce its new Hardest Working Collection to our participants in 2016,” said Will Dean, CEO and founder of Tough Mudder. “With more than 20 obstacles over 10 miles, Mudders face extreme physical challenges that require teamwork and mental grit. They deserve products that will meet their needs, and the Hardest Working Collection will keep them fresh no matter what they face on course.”