W+K Portland Goes Off the Rails with ‘Horrifying’ Old Spice Remix

By Erik Oster 

W+K Portland used footage from some of its recent Old Spice ads to make a new spot that’s even weirder called “Horrifying Mutant Abomination (Remix).”

While not exactly “horrifying” (a creepy clown does make a brief appearance so it’s probably not for the easily frightened), the spot otherwise lives up to its title. Basically, W+K Portland worked with Canadian animator Nick DenBoer III, aka “smearballz,” to create the most bizarre remix of Old Spice footage they could muster.

It’s quite weird. 

W+K Portland has long traded in strange spots for Old Spice, but this latest effort takes the weirdness to new levels.


It arguably goes a bit over the top in the process, if such a thing is possible for this brand. We guess that once you’ve worked to push a brand to such extremes, it takes more and more to get the same kinds of reactions from viewers, which eventually leads to what we have here. We’re guessing some consumers will be charmed to learn that the agency can still elicit such a reaction for Old Spice work.


Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Portland
Client: Old Spice
Director: Nick DenBoer
Editor: Nick DenBoer
Sound Mixer: Nick DenBoer
Art Director: Matt Sorrell
Creative Director: Jason Kreher
Copywriter: Jarrod Higgins
Interactive Producer: Eddye Borgese
Interactive Producer: Teresa Lai
Interactive Producer: Mike Davidson
Business Affairs: Dusty Slowik
Account Management: Madison Savary
Copywriter: Jarrod Higgins
Company: Fresher Collection
Copywriter: Nick Morrisey
Company: Leatherman