W+K New York Takes Off for Delta

By Erik Oster 

W+K New York launched a new spot for Delta Airlines entitled “Take Off” which takes a very different approach from the agency’s previous efforts for the brand.

Donald Sutherland returns to lend his voice acting talents for the spot, but that’s about where the similarities end. The ad was shot entirely in one take, by directors directed by Adam Berg and Joost Van Gelder, from the perspective of a departing plane. It’s an admirable attempt at trying something new for the category, which could certainly benefit from some changes.

“What’s happening here is not normal, it’s extraordinary,” begins Sutherland over footage that is hard to make out at first, reminding viewers that while they may have gotten used to flying it is still a remarkable human achievement. Sutherland‘s instantly recognizable voice helps hold the ad together, drawing viewers in when the initially indistinguishable images might otherwise keep them at a distance. As the voiceover continues to extoll the virtues of flight, the plane slowly lifts off the ground, revealing the airport below and a horizon at either dusk or dawn. “Because there is no stop in us, or you, only go,” concludes Sutherland, followed by the “Keep Climbing” tagline.

A second spot in the campaign will launch in early 2016, (possibly featuring a plane descending?) as W+K hopefully continues to push the brand in new directions.


Executive Creative Directors: Jaime Robinson and David Kolbusz
Creative Directors: Eric Helin, Erik Norin, Sean McLaughlin and John Parker
Creatives: Eric Dennis, Molly Jamison
Head of Content Production: Nick Setounski
Broadcast Producer: Cheryl Warbrook, Nick Setounski, Kristen Johnson
Brand Strategist: Sam Matthews
Account Team: Liz Taylor, Meghan Mullen, Lauren Smith
Business Affairs: Sara Jagielski, Keri Rommel, Sonia Bisono, Andy Hume

Production Company: Smuggler
Director: Adam Berg, Joost Van Gelder
Director/DP: Joost Van Gelder
Partner Patrick: Milling Smith
Partner: Brian Carmody
Executive Producer: Shannon Jones
Head of Production: Andrew Colón
Producer: Leslie Vaughn

Editorial Company: Cosmo Street
Editor: Mark Potter
Producer: Maura Woodward

VFX Company: MPC
VFX Lead Flame: Marcus Wood
Senior Producer: Armand Weeresinghe

Sound Studio: Sonic Union
Sound Mixer: Steve Rosen