W+K NY, SoCo Do Barbershop Karate

By Ella Riley-Adams 

It takes a comfortable man to perform karate in a barber’s robe and tinfoil, not to mention skintight jeans and snakeskin boots. Meet the face of Southern Comfort, a moustachioed man we’ve met once before in “Shampoo,” one of the previous spots in W+K’s SoCo “Whatever’s Comfortable” campaign.

Then, he was meditating amidst soft suds, opening his eyes only to check out the woman across the barbershop. Now, he’s showing off for all the ladies.


Director Tim Godsall and the W+K creative team wrote the spot after seeing our protagonist’s casting tape for “Shampoo,” in which he did karate – he’s actually skilled in the martial art, and owns a few dojos. Given the nature of the campaign, they wanted to play to his natural skills. It was a good choice, because this is the best spot yet. While “Beach” and “Shampoo” play to the relaxed side of comfort, “Karate” has more personality and ease. Especially when backed by “I’m a Fool to Care,” by Les Paul and Mary Ford, this barbershop guy paints a poignant picture, and will probably ascend to be your new role model.

Credits after the jump.

Executive Creative Directors Scott Vitrone and Ian Reichenthal

Creative Director Jimm Lasser

Creatives Nick Kaplan and Jeff Dryer

Producer Orlee Tatarka

Head of Production Lora Schulson


Production Company Biscuit Filmworks LA

Director Tim Godsall

Executive Producer Holly Vega

Line Producer Rick Jarjoura

Director of Photography Darko Suvak

Lora Schulson


Editorial Company Mackenzie Cutler

Editor Gavin Cutler

Assistant Editor Ryan Steele

Post Executive Producer Sasha Hirschfeld


VFX Company The Mill

VFX Head of Production Sean Costelloe

VFX Producer Orlaith Finucane

Lead Flame Artist Jade Kim

VFX Supervisor Peter Smith, Peter McAuley


Song “I’m a Fool to Care”

Artist Les Paul & Mary Ford

Music Supervisor Andrew Charles Kahn

Music Supervision  Good Ear Music Supervision



Mix Company Sonic Union

Mixer Steve Rosen