W+K NY and The Dude Lulled Us to Sleep for Squarespace

By Patrick Coffee 

Here’s W+K New York’s full ad for Squarespace, which aired for the first time during the game last night. It made for an unusual pitch for a tech company.

Many viewers were a bit confused by Bridges’ chanting, but, as W+K ECD David Kolbusz said in the news release that went with the initial teaser:

“At its core, the campaign is a product demonstration…The album is a legitimate Jeff Bridges project, sold on a Squarespace site, with profits going to No Kid Hungry.


Hopefully the project will show people that Squarespace can help make anything they dream up become more amazing.”

The CEO of Squarespace partner Share Our Strength called it “The Super Bowl Ad That Fed a Million Kids,” though we don’t have any data so far on whether it satisfied the client’s desire to “send people to the web.

Unlike the sites “featured” in the Wix campaign, this one is real (though the material on Bridges’ “sleep tapes” may be a bit too active for our tastes).

The campaign did answer the seminal question “Are Jeff Bridges and The Dude one and the same?” with a mellow but definitive “yes.”

Here’s the “making of” clip: