W+K New York Salutes Oddly-Titled Playlists for Spotify

By Erik Oster 

Following up on Spotify’s global out-of-home campaign based on user data last year, W+K New York launched a follow-up effort celebrating some of the stranger-named playlists you’re likely to find on the music streaming service.

In addition to the OOH campaign, tackling playlists such as “root canal songs,” “sorry I lost your cat” and “DO NOT DELETE THIS AGAIN POOTY OR I WILL END YOU,” W+K New York enlisted musicians D.R.A.M., DNCE and Alessia Cara for a series of three online videos. Each spot features the artists response to the placement of one of their songs on a puzzling playlist.

Cara, for example, ended up on a playlist called “Global warming is real…let’s dance.” While she agrees, as thinking individuals tend to, that global warming is real, she’s not quite sold on dancing as the solution. DNCE, meanwhile, are a bit perplexed that their music would be played at a funeral, while D.R.A.M. might be overthinking this whole “Rap Caviar” thing.

root canal songs